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Ethnic Studies
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Political Ethnography
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Recent Publications

De Leon, Justin. 2018. “Showing, Not Telling.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 20 (1): 95-98.

De Leon, Justin. 2018. “Lakota Experiences of (In)Security: Cosmology and Ontological Security.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 20 (4).

De Leon, Justin. 2019. “(In)dignity via (Mis)representation: Power, Documentary Film, & Reflexivity.” In Human Dignity and Human Rights. Eds. M. Penn and H. Mahmoudi. Emerald Press.

De Leon, Justin. 2019. “Process as Product: Native American Filmmaking and Storytelling.” In How Racialized Media is Designed, Delivered, and Decoded. Eds. M. Hughey and E. Lesser. NYU Press.









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