Native Film and Storytelling Pilot Program (2018)

Native American communities are thriving and have much to offer culturally, politically, and spiritually; yet the erasure of Native voices and experiences, along with the misrepresentation of Native peoples, continues to have negative effects upon both Native and Settler communities. In spite of these realities, Native communities are still telling their own stories; stories of hope, joyfulness, complex personhood and complexities, and aspects of indigenous cultures.

The Native Film & Storytelling Pilot Program (the Pilot) provides an important corrective to these realities in a manner that focuses on skill development and the gaining of critical approaches to engage social discourses through film and media. It promotes Native students in telling their own stories by teaching the fundamentals of storytelling and filmmaking and then works to develop those stories into films.

The Pilot is a multiple month immersive program that includes two in-person gatherings and a remote accompaniment to further develop student-generated film projects. The Pilot includes:

  • Five-Day Intensive Workshop at UC San Diego, (March 25-28, 2018),
  • Remote script development and accompaniment for three months with professional dramaturgs,
  • Follow-Up Weekend Gathering to finalize filming schedules and scripts (June 2018).















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